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Published Article: Going Home

July 28, 2011

My heart was heavy with such a big change on the horizon. Jackie, our Senior Publisher who I worked closely with, had just peeped into my office to say she couldn’t believe I was packing up my things. I couldn’t either. Everything felt so surreal.

Two and a half years ago, God had given me my dream job as a writer and editor for one of the largest Christian video publishing companies. I worked with incredibly talented people and rubbed shoulders with many well-known pastors and authors. I loved that our team was on mission everyday and that God was using us to impact churches all across the country. It seemed like every day I came home from work, I had something exciting to share.

But just as the summer heat was settling down to welcome the coolness of fall, God was planting my feet on a new mission…

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  1. July 29, 2011 10:05 am

    Samantha, this post resonates with me on my levels. Our children are older: 15, 13, 13 and 11. Four years ago I left a career I loved to follow God’s calling to start a consulting business. I was ready for the change and have learned so much in four years. Now the waters are stirring again and I’m sensing God may be moving me to the next thing. Time will tell what it all looks like.

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