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When You Long for Transformation

July 19, 2011

Sometimes I wonder why God chooses to use me. While I follow Christ and aim to surrender my life to Him daily, I still struggle at times with pride, control, selfishness, anger, anxiety, fear, and more.

I often fear sharing my story and who God is to others because well, I don’t feel worthy because of my struggles. I try to carry unnecessary burdens and I’ve told God a few times:

“I’m so weak! Why do you need me anyway, God?”

In her book, Faith That Does Not Falter, Elisabeth Elliot says:

Jesus does not by any means disregard the sort of person we are when He calls us to do His will. He knows our frame and remembers that we are dust. He knows the weaknesses and strengths, the tastes and fears and prejudices and ignorance and experience of each of us. What He wants to make of us, if we are willing to be made over, is sure to bear a relationship to what we are when we first come to Him. It is within His power to transform. It is for us to submit to the transformation.

I feel so far from what I desire to be, but I’m so encouraged that if I’m willing to be transformed, God is more than ready to do His work through me. He can transform the anger and pride and anxiety into gentleness, humility, and trust. He can do so much more than what I ask. He already knows what I can’t even express.

He knows my weaknesses and still loves me. He believes I’m worthy because of his Son. He lifts the heavy burdens off my back.

So today, I believe the greatest stumbling block to me living a full, abundant, Christ-exalting life is myself. And nothing else. My prayer is that God would help me give up the rights to myself.

And no matter what it takes, I submit to the transformation.

What areas in your life need real transformation?

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  1. July 19, 2011 8:43 pm

    A timely post for me. I have a huge need to rid myself of pride….I struggle specifically with the fear of man and what others think of me. I so desire to be transformed in this area. I see glimpses of hope and then I’ll blow it like I did tonight in regards to my four year old completely embarassing me and making me mad because of her defiant distractions while I was in the middle of giving a devotional to a group of girls. I realized later that I was mainly mad because of what other parents would think…..yet again, my struggle with fear of man and wanting to be perfect and frustrated when I can’t be. And this past has me evaluating if I’ve been bucking against the transformation process in this area. Love it/Hate it…this process of changing growing. Thanks for sharing so openly.

  2. July 20, 2011 7:37 am

    Melody- thank YOU for your honesty. I can definitely see where a situation like that would get me worked up in that way. I’m very similar! I struggle with the fear of man as well and this is something the Lord is really showing me.

    I like how you said Love it/Hate it because that’s exactly how it is! Oh the stretching. I appreciate your insight.

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