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Life in the Formative Years

April 15, 2011


The formative years. I’ve been told they are the most critical years in a child’s life and I’m quickly learning that they are tough.

Time-outs, spankings, constantly on the go, changing diapers, saying “no”, reading books, cuddling throughout the day, praying for friends at bed-time, learning numbers and the alphabet, potty training, playing trains and trucks, filling up sippy cups, making meals right on the clock, learning new words, encouraging his right choices, watching Veggie Tales and Thomas together, helping him learn from wrong choices, steering him away from danger, playing horsy, singing songs about Jesus, playing with friends, wiping off mud and cleaning up crumbs…

This is a little glimpse of life with my two year old.

Teething, cooing, smiling, laughing, playing peek-a-boo, picking up toys, crawling attempts, feedings, napping, crying, changing more diapers, rolling on her back, cleaning up spit-up and blow-outs, talking and smiling into her big blue eyes, holding her tightly, kissing her cheeks all day long, letting her know I am there, taking naps in the big bed together, telling her how gorgeous and sweet she is, watching her admire Daddy and Mommy and her big brother…

This is a little glimpse of life with my 5 month old.

I confess that I am no super mom. In fact, I’ve learned even more about my depravity as a sinful human being. But on the days that have been so hard, I often go to sleep realizing how desperate I am for God’s help. Motherhood has shown me this dependance. And on the days I wish the two’s would just be done, I remember that it all happens in a blink.

That is the wisdom I’ve been told. And it really is flying by.

God gives me each day to glorify Him by investing in my children. I won’t get these days back and I will most likely look back on them one day and miss them tremendously.

The great investment that’s being poured into their lives is worth more than money can buy. They are the future. They will lead us one day and their eternal destiny has much to do with how I will choose to invest right now.

God, I pray for continued strength in these formative years and that the hard work now will be seen in years to come. Forgive me when I have failed. I pray I will cherish my children to the fullest, remembering that when I am weak, I can rest in You.


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  1. Sharon O permalink
    April 15, 2011 11:28 am

    That is adorable, both little ones are very sweet. As a grandma of six, I have to say I love the first three years. All of them are awesome but the learning stage of discovering everything is from birth to three and then it continues on a different cognitive level. Enjoy your little ones they grow so fast. Time is a gift for you~ unwrap it every day with anticipation of the ‘surprise’.

  2. April 15, 2011 12:30 pm

    thank you so much Sharon 🙂 What a blessing for you to be a Grandma of 6!

  3. April 17, 2011 1:04 pm

    Sweet, sweet pics.

    I’m no super mom either. I envy a super mom friend of mine who always has it together and plays constantly and her kids are well-behaved and she’s always making cakes or other random crafts. Anyway, the other day she called me, broken, and it really made me re-evaluate how I see my mom friends.

    Yes, we are all desparate for His help.

    Oh, and ps I have a two year old too, and already I miss the baby days.

  4. April 18, 2011 12:03 pm

    Well said. Your life sounds a lot like mine! You look great in that first picture, by the way!

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