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Who’s image is it?

November 12, 2009

1156610_36788246A few weeks ago, I found a guy named Andy Blanks through a wordpress search. As the content editor for Small Group Trader, I frequently search for blogs that have quality content that can be used on our site as articles. And I asked him if we could use his post, Image vs. Mission which is now live on our site.

Andy wrote some things that I deal with but might be ashamed to admit.

At times, I care more about what people think then I do about spreading the gospel and being about God’s kingdom.

At times, I care if I look “this or that” way to someone.

And I’ve missed opportunities to share what Jesus is doing in my life with an unbeliever because my “image” has been of first importance.

Being all about image is an ugly thing because it puts all the glory on self, and not on our Savior. It can even consume us if we let it and before we know it, we’ve completely neglected God.

But the reality is that any good looks we have, stellar talents, skills, relational ability, intelligence… all come from God- for his purposes.

I told Jeremiah just before bed the other day about a conversation Anne Jackson and I had about writing. I’m afraid of pride if I were to ever be really successful, specifically in publishing my own book. It’s a huge fear of mine.

He said something I’ll always remember: “Samantha, your gifts are not yours. They are God’s.”

A light bulb went off in my head. I took that as: my gifts don’t just come from God, but they are God’s.

What a difference. So in that knowledge, how will the ways I use my gifts be different? I think it has to do with image. Will I choose to reflect his glory by making him my prized treasure instead of glorifying self, being worried about what others think, or even being concerned about my own pride?

It’s not about Samantha. It’s about God. It’s that simple.

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  1. November 13, 2009 7:05 am

    when we stop and think about our gifts not being just given by Him for us to use and then He blesses the world through them, but instead they are created, given, used and grown by Him alone- then it’s a whole new world, realizing there’s a stewardship issue there…and i too have found myself selfishly attempting to keep certain gifts to myself, because i am uncomfortable in sharing them or they inconvenience me, or in trying to use other gifts (the ones i like to use!), without consulting God in how He’d like to work them through me. it’s been a big journey of mine to see God wanting to use me, and me being terrified of what will happen because of it (and definitely a BIG cause of fear is how i’ll look!) and then surrendering one thing at a time, realizing once i’m there that He’s there, and as things unfold, i’m amazed i ever thought i wouldn’t want to go for it, as i see Him work in me, and the world through HIS gifts, that He is using however He wants- regardless of how i’d expect or want! it’s still a difficult thing to take those leaps, but i never have regretted it, and there’s a lot of freedom in it too.

    thanks for all the great things you share through your writing, and your site!


  2. November 13, 2009 3:06 pm

    Thank you for that insight Megan. I loved when you said, “…but instead they [our gifts] are created, given, used and grown by Him alone- then it’s a whole new world.”

    It really is. And I think I’m just starting to get it somewhat. I love your perspective though- it’s encouraging and refreshing all at once! And I think it will encourage others as well. I think it does boil down to surrender in what God ultimately has for us to do.

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

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