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Man on the Street: Who is Jesus?

June 10, 2009

crossFor Bluefish, we recently did some man on the street interviews here in Dallas. The interviews will go into our upcoming youth series about the tough questions we have about Jesus with David Nasser. I’m working on host copy (the words that our host will say to introduce segments in the series). Mac Powell with Third Day is going to be our host (I’m a big fan). Mac and David are good friends and have done a lot with the Glory Revealed album together.

Here are some of the comments we got off the street:

Our question: Who is Jesus?

I don’t really have an opinion of Jesus I believe that religion was created to control the masses.

He was a dude lived back in the day pretty awesome he had a beard.

Jesus is a person that existed that continues to enrich the lives of people everyday.

I think that he is a pretty cool guy he had a peaceful philosophy I think he’s misinterpreted by a lot of people.

He is the Savior of this world.

I don’t know because I don’t really believe in him so I don’t really think anything of him.

I mean he could have been a real person I mean I am sure he was I mean I am sure he was just good at what he did or something.

I kind of feel that Jesus is a modern day scapegoat.

Jesus is God I think, yeah, I just learned that.

Jesus was a man from what I figure.

He was just kind of a guy with a really unique positive message that kind of gave a lot of people a lot of hope.

He probably existed but I don’t believe he was the Son of God or anything.

Who is Jesus? is the one question that we all must come to terms with. Our destiny depends on who this figure in history was. What sets Christianity apart from any other religion is the Resurrection. If all Jesus did was live on this earth, claim to be God, die on a cross, but never rose from the dead (to prove He was God), our faith would be pointless.

The resurrection proved that He was God. Josephus, a Jewish historian, wrote about it. Archeology proves it. Over 500 eye witnesses after his resurrection proves it. Disciples who turned from cowards to courageous leaders for the gospel proves it. Prophecy upon prophecy fulfilled proves it. The list goes on.

We just simply cannot get away from dealing with Jesus and what he means for our lives. He was either a Liar, a Lunatic, or was Lord as C.S. Lewis coins it and it’s a choice we have to make. Is Jesus fully God and did he die on the cross for me to save me from my sins? Do I believe that God loves me unconditionally, right where I’m at?

Who do you say that He is?

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  1. vali permalink
    December 10, 2009 9:12 am

    Just one question …
    What has Jesus won from inventing this religion?The inventorHimself has won what?His dead?Or his discipols after Him.What did they won?Same thing.
    Do you imagine people being so stupid to give theyre lifes just for the purpose to invent something for other generation to use as “masses control”?
    Ihave an opinion ….
    You better should heave fait ..
    SORRY FOR MY LANGUAGE — I am roumanian – better speaker ,but whorse righter.Sorry again.
    Best wishes.

  2. vali permalink
    December 10, 2009 9:24 am

    And you should not think or believe about Him, but in Him.
    This is the search of everyone.We should concentrate to descover if we heave reasons to belive in Him or not instead of heaving opinoins about Him
    Some diference, don’t you think?
    People today heave beliefs about God, not in God.That is what makes us beeing believers or unbelievers.
    But we all heave the obligation to search the truth.
    We don’t heave any escuse for not searching to find if we are in true or in a lie.If our life is by the true or we are lost and living in some lie.
    I hope i heave make myself understood.

  3. December 10, 2009 1:15 pm

    Vali- are you romanian? Do you live in the states? No worries. We can work with what you have.

    I agree- Faith is about believing in the person of Jesus Christ- not just believing about him or even knowing about him. And we must know why we believe what we believe and whether we are walking in truth or a lie.

    Thank you for your comments.

  4. C. Balderaz permalink
    December 28, 2009 8:00 pm

    Where can I find the video interview of this question?

  5. April 21, 2010 9:14 am

    Okay, finally here is the 3-min. video interview of this question on our site Bluefish TV.

    It’s a great video you could use in your church, small group, worship service, among your friends, etc.


  6. Rose Franzen permalink
    May 4, 2010 12:50 am

    The way I see it, Jesus is a man who actually lived. We believe that He is God become man. He preached a message with His life; a message that consisted of one simple, but infinitely difficult message: “Love one another as I have loved you”. And then, in a final and complete act of love, He died to open up Heaven’s gates and make the infinite love of the Father available to everyone. And whether or not you believe in Jesus as God, one thing remains: you would be hard pressed to find a better example of a complete love that can move mountains, stand in the face of myriads of hateful emperors, kings, armies, and world leaders, and last throughout time. Who is Jesus? He is Love.

  7. Sei ermutigt permalink
    July 26, 2010 6:25 pm

    Thank you, Samantha, for the huge amount of work that you are putting into your website.

    Who is Jesus? Jesus is who Our heavenly Father, the Holy Spirit and Jesus himself testifies that He is. He is holy, beautiful, healing, redeeming, reconciling Jesus Christ, God Himself.

    Samantha, what Jesus did before He came to earth provides proof that He is God too. And what the risen Jesus of Nazareth is doing now on our behalf also provides proof that He is God.

    Indeed the entire deed amd speech life of Jesus provides proof that He was also man and God whilst He lived on earth too.

    Truly Jesus was without spot and blemish – God’s brave Lamb of God.

    Yes, the resurrection of Jesus was a miracle of God that testifies to the perfect finished work on the cross of our LORD and provides an additional proof that He was holy God!

    Vali asks an important question: What did Jesus’s true disciples win as a result of His matchless obedience? They won the awesome privilege to love and serve triune God for eternity.

    Purest shepherd of our soul, Jesus Christ, blessed be Your all gracious compassionate forgiving name forevermore.

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