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My husband and his pot pie

April 23, 2008

I was pretty tired on my way home from work tonight, fighting Dallas traffic. I walked in our apartment determined to have a good attitude and be thankful to see my husband. I was scared I’d be cranky as I tend to be when I am overtired at the end of the day.

I walked in the door and on our granite countertop set a dish of chicken pot pie, made from scratch. Carved in the pie were the words, “I love you.” My husband, Jeremiah, stood next to it proudly showing it off like a trophy. My jaw dropped because I personally had never made chicken pot pie from scratch. I had planned to soon because I really do love to cook. Well, not only did he make the pie, but he used the chicken broth to make delicious chicken and rice soup- all from scratch.

I knew when we were dating that Jeremiah was a rarity- he cooked, cleaned, did the dishes, made his bed, and much more. But now being married and living with him it’s so amazing to see just how incredible of a man he is. I mean, what guy would slave over the stove and make a pot pie? He’s been doing an awesome job at being sensitive to me being pregnant and working a lot. He has gone the extra mile to give of himself and put me before his needs.

I have to say that I am much more selfish than he is, but I am learning… and slowly growing. He teaches me every day about selflessness. He is the godliest man I know- what he is behind closed doors is what he is out in the open. You’re the best, Jeremiah.

Oh yeah and he also made mini muffins from the pot pie.

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  1. Anna permalink
    April 30, 2008 6:14 pm

    Charlie made pot pie, once… though not quite from scratch (and not quite chicken, given the whole vegetarian thing.) I was going to take it out of the oven for him when it was done. He was on the couch. All he heard was, “Ouch! Oh no! It’s ruined!” I grabbed a convenient dish towel to use as a hotpad and didn’t realize that it was reasonably damp from washing dishes. Unfortunately in this instance, water is a pretty good conductor of heat and I was, in fact, not protected. I dropped the pot pie, spilling the top crust and about 1/3 of the guts onto the oven door and inside. 🙂 We salvaged it, but it was pretty traumatic. Big props to Jeremiah!

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